Personal development like you’ve never seen before.

The only individual growth transformational programme designed to deliver the ultimate competitive advantage, as witnessed in human evolution.

Unleash Your Potential

How does it feel to know that you are one step away from feeling less lonely, getting tools and methods to increase your resilience, motivation and find a group of like minded souls who are on their own crusade and want to help you as you can help them?

This Mastermind group is for you if

You’re ready to gain maximum competitive advantage

You want to excel in your leadership role

You want the ability to maintain motivation against all the odds

You’re keen to unlock your unique creative potential

How It Works

Get access to the tools, methods and group support to climb quicker and more efficiently. Membership to Laugh Think Play Mastermind Groups gives you:

Access to an in person group of select business professional peers who are going on the same journey as you
1 x full day group session per month, with brilliant keynote speakers, experts in their field, sharing a bucketload of wisdom sharing their experiences and challenges
3 x 120 min personal 1-2-1 coaching sessions with your Mastermind leader

You Will Gain

Mastery of cognitive exercises that unlock your unconscious programmes and unblock barriers to growth and achievement.
Tools and methods that will enable you to restore your innate creative abilities.
The pathway to uncover the ultimate in competitive advantage
07 Icons/Quotation marks
07 Icons/Quotation marks

What our clients say

Laugh Think Play reminded us of the power of laughter and fun in our work. Em encouraged us to embrace creativity, be more present, and foster a positive and inclusive culture. The insights and practical exercises impacted our team, inspiring us to approach challenges with a playful and open mindset.
Megan Searcy