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As we have now started posting on socials, we thought we would do a little intro about us and what we are all about.

Do you want to feel happier?
Laugh. Think. And play more.

Em wants our future to be full of laughter, more thinking about ourselves and others in a kind way, and investing our time in far more play. Em knows that humans connect when we laugh, think and play, regardless of race, country of origin, sexual orientation or anything else that makes us seem different to one another. When we share these three human traits, we can come together to create a better and happier future, for everyone.

Fresh Things Are Coming Up!

At our very heart, we want each of us to laugh a little more, think about yourself and others with kindness and to play more.

We know that if we all do this then we will all simply feel better.

LTP Program

This is where we will work with businesses in the form of three-day life-changing retreats (either for 8 individuals or for a max of 12 people from one firm). We will share wisdom and knowledge from the worlds of clowning (yes you read that right), improvisation, comedy, coaching, hypnotherapy, storytelling and so much more… fundamentally life and business transforming.

LTP Schools

For five months, ten people get to learn from us, spend 3 days with us each month. They will be ready to deliver the LTP program themselves or put these skills back into their own business. We will have LTP schools around the world.


We are so excited to have been accepted to speak at TEDx .

Do you want to feel happier? Laugh, Think and Play more’ is now live

LTP Podcast

In January 2023, we will be launching our ‘Simply Feel Better Podcast’. Hear us share our ideas and thoughts whilst we interview cool, fun people who we can learn more from.

LTP the App

Our very own app for where our community can grow, share ideas, and come together to feel better.  We want to make this free to join so that we can impact as many people in the world as possible.

LTP Agency

Here we will represent the best talent in speaking and performing so we can help impact the world and help unknown talents rise and shine.

LTP Publications

Our first book will be by one of our founders Em, working title ‘Laugh, Think and Play more’ – the manifesto to make you and the world a happier better place. Eventually we want to be the publication house of ALL great books to do with Laughing, Thinking & Playing.

LTP Productions

We will promote and support artists who are sharing important stories, we will become a place where artists can be supported as they develop their own shows. The first of these will be with Em and her show RE:Framed.

LTP Experience

A chance for businesses to come together to experience the power of Laugh. Think. Play and how it can change their future for the better.

LTP Festival

Yes! A festival where we can share and experience all things Laugh. Think. Play

LTP Charities

At the heart of our work ten percent of our profits will be going to charities that work in the LTP space – the first of those is Clowns Without Borders – follow their work here. 

Meet the Founders

There are 4 of us Em, Anna, Sarah and Jo who are the founders of Laugh. Think. Play, and you will get to know us all more over the next few weeks… this movement is not about us though, it is about all of us, coming together and reclaiming and prioritising these three human acts.





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We are going big people and for this we will need you to help, support and share what we are up to so each of us can begin to feel better


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The key to becoming happier, more successful, and growing your business starts in the movement to simply feel better. 

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