About Us

What Is Laugh Think Play?

Laugh Think Play is a new cultural and mindset transformation company that delivers competitive advantage to businesses by helping their people feel better.

When people feel better, they perform better. At the heart of our work is a unique methodology that allows us to take advantage of the tools and methods that have made humans one of the most competitive species.

We will help you to dismantle unhelpful unconscious programmes, remove barriers to growth and unlock the innate creative abilities inside every human being in your organisation.

We deliver proven results in the real world, underpinned by science.

Who We Are

Laugh Think Play is co-founded by cultural and behavioural transformation expert Dr. Gini (Ekstein) Holden, the inventor of the Bag for Life.

Executive coach, TEDx speaker, performer and clown Em Stroud.

Entrepreneur and executive consultant Anna Bartholomew.

Performer, therapist and entrepreneur Sarah Bannock.

And operating executive specialising in leadership, business culture and strategy Marc de Guiran.

Meet The Team

Anna Bartholomew

Em Stroud

Sarah Bannock.

Marc de Guiran

Gini (Ekstein) Holden

07 Icons/Quotation marks
07 Icons/Quotation marks

What our clients say

Engaging with Laugh Think Play was enthralling from the start – we were looking for a team who simply “got us” and all that we were trying to do in developing our people for the launch of Showtown – the museum of fun and entertainment. From auditioning, to script development inspired by our Showtown historic storybook, to Cast rehearsals – the Laugh Think Play team were spot on. The piece de resistance was our whole company Playday a week ahead of our grand opening – Em Stroud was incredible and brought the entire team together – old and new – with creativity, wisdom and brilliance.
Elizabeth Moss
Chief Executive of Blackpool Heritage and Museum Trust