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What Is Laugh Think Play?

Laugh Think Play is a new cultural and mindset transformation company that delivers competitive advantage to businesses by helping their people feel better. When people feel better, they perform better. At the heart of our work is a unique methodology that allows us to take advantage of the tools and methods that have made humans one of the most competitive species.

We will help you to dismantle unhelpful unconscious programmes, remove barriers to growth and unlock the innate creative abilities inside every human being in your organisation.

We deliver proven results in the real world, underpinned by science.

Watch cofounder Em's

TEDx talk

Watch cofounder Em’s TEDx talk about how laughing, thinking and playing can change the world.


The only individual growth transformational programme designed to deliver the ultimate competitive advantage, as witnessed in human evolution.

This is only just the beginning of Laugh Think Play

Stick with us while we evolve.